Maui Dolphin Day

Raglan is known for its close connection to the Maui Dolphin, we’re right in the middle of its limited range. The Dolphin is the worlds rarest and most of its threats are human induced. It’s survival depends on how our coastal communities change their behaviour to reduce these threats and bring back our iconic dolphin.

For the past 13 years the Whaingaroa Environment Centre has held Maui Dolphin Day. Run annually in conjunction with the Xtreme Zero Waste Recycled Raft Race, it is the largest community day in Raglan! It’s a collaborative community celebration highlighting the importance of our marine environment, our whanau and our community’s creativity and spirit.


DPP_0312Numerous Raglan Community groups have worked together to support the dolphin. These have included Harbour Care planting over 1 million trees, fencing over 600kms of harbour and stream edge, Xtreme Zero Waste preventing leachate from old landfill and installing and servicing enviropods in all storm water entering the Harbour, Whaingaroa Environment Centre conducting water quality advocacy, implementing the Catchment Plan and general dolphin advocacy and KASM assessing and submitting on sea bed mining applications. These projects have had a major positive impact on the Harbour and coastal environments with a radical increase in biological abundance and diversity .

Maui Dolphin Day celebrates the work we have all been doing and shares the latest about the Dolphin and what’s next in terms of its recovery plan. And the day includes the Xtreme Zero Waste Recycled Raft Race!


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Same threats – less dolphins!