Backyard Bounty

Backyard Bounty – incorporating Seed Bank, Tool Library, Junior Enviroclub, Crop Swaps & Community Gardens

Backyard Bounty is the support, encouragement and celebration of the food grown in our community for our community.

Seed Bank: We encourage people to grow their own food from seed and provide advice and information on what, when and how to plant. We sell seeds in affordable quantities and stock varieties which can be saved, nurturing and expanding stocks of seeds that grow well in the local Whaingaroa environment. Long term the seedbank aims to hold and distribute locally saved seeds to provide the Whaingaroa community with a resilient food source.

Tool Library: We provide access to a large range of tools for families and community groups to borrow (e.g. weed wacker, wheel barrow, forks and spades). The response has been incredibly positive and we have seen numerous trees planted and new garden beds dug! 

Junior Enviroclub: A hands on approach to sustainability through fortnightly education sessions at Waitetuna and Te Uku Schools.  This year we are incorporating permactulture ethics (Fair Share, Earth Care, People Care) and principles throughout the stages of garden planning, planting and harvesting.

Crop Swap Raglan: regular gatherings enable community connection and sharing of abundance through exchange of homegrown or homemade goods.

Community Gardens: WEC coordinates the community gardens in Raglan to ensure this community space (and the plants within it) flourishes. This space not only provides a source of healthy, locally grown food but also opportunities for community connection, networking and learning.

We take every opportunity to enable our community to access healthy sustainable organic food.