Maui Dolphin Conservation

The Whaingaroa catchment flows into the west coast waters which are home to the Popoto or Maui Dolphin, the smallest and rarest dolphin in the world.


It is estimated that only 63 individuals now remain from a population that in 1970 numbered over 1800.

Our community has a special affinity for this endemic and critically endangered dolphin. Maui dolphins live close to our shores and have a long and special relationship with tangata whenua.  And despite their decline they are still swimming in our coastal waters.  They are often seen off our Raglan coast! Check out this footage:


The Whaingaroa Environment Centre is working with the community and a number of other organisations like WWF and the Department of Conservation to save Maui Dolphin’s.  With your help together we CAN save the world’s rarest dolphins.  Volunteer with WEC and get involved!

We hosted a group of students, who partnered with the Department of Conservation to find out what communities can do to help save Maui Dolphins.

Check out their awesome report A Call for Action.


Tiki Taane and Raglan Area School want to Save Maui Dolphins!

Whaingaroa Environment Centre brought together Tiki Taane and passionate students from Raglan Area School to sing their Maui Dolphin Song.

Check it out!  “Save Maui Dolphin today, so they can swim tomorrow”.


We can save the World’s Rarest Dolphin!

The fate of the world’s smallest and rarest marine dolphin is in our hands.  If we don’t act now we could see our taonga disappear forever!

The government is reluctant to offer further protection to Maui Dolphins because not enough is known about where they live.

We need you to report
Maui Dolphin sightings!

Rounded fin? Send it in!

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