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Come along to learn what Timebank is about.
How to trade. How to earn and spend your credits. How to log your hours and use the database, etc.

If you are not a Timebank member and want to know more about it, this is for you as new members are required to have an orientation before getting started, This is also a good opportunity for those that need a refresher!

Members will earn 1 Timebank credit for attending it. Orientation takes about 1 hour.

Tuesday 5 March 2019
6:30pm – 7:30pm

Orientation &
Information evening

The Raglan House
45 Bow Street

Please register your interest by sending an email to Timebank coordinator at

With Etai Gilad (psychotherapist)

Are you finding it difficult to drift into sleep at night?
Is your mind too busy?
Are you falling asleep okay, but waking up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, watching the clock every 5 minutes?

If so, this workshop is for you.

You will learn:
– how our ancestors slept and what we can learn from them
– how to relax in less than 3 minutes
– how to switch off the worry mind when you need to

Saturday 30 March 2019
4:00pm – 6:00pm

Timebank Workshop
How to drift into
sleep easily and
wake up refreshed
Workshop 2

The Raglan House
45 Bow Street


COST: 2 Timebank credits

Booking is essential.
Please email
to book a space.

Saturday 23 April 2019
11:00am – 3:00pm

Maui Dolphin Day 2019
and the famous
Recylced Raft Race!


Te Kopua Domain / Papahua


+ homegrown pumpkins of any type can be entered
+ pumpkins to be grown in or around Raglan (this side of the divi)
+ if you don’t have space in your garden, check out Whaingaroa Community Gardens

SUNDAY 7 April 2019
9:30am – 11:30pm

Crop Swap Raglan’s 1st Annual 

Raglan Bowling Club,
James Street

Come along and meet Timebank members over a cuppa. This is a public event, all welcome.

The face-to-face opportunity makes such a big difference! It’s so much easier to make connections and even get the help you need. People usually find out about things they would like to do or learn, and they even realise things they can offer!

The last Friday
of every month

10:30AM – 11:30AM

Raglan Timebank
Monthly Coffee Meetups

Orka Restaurant & Bar
2 Wallis Street

Join the Raglan Timebank facebook group to stay up to date with offers & requests.

Current Projects

Community Gardens

WEC coordinates the community gardens in Raglan to ensure this community space (and the plants within it) flourishes.

Raglan Timebank

Timebank is a bank of hours where people can exchange time, skills and services. No money changes hands.

Seed Bank

The seedbank holds varieties of open-pollinated vegetable, flower and grain seed. This means the seeds can be saved, nurturing and expanding stocks of seeds that grow well in the local Whaingaroa environment.

Crop Swap

Regular gatherings enable community connection and sharing of abundance through exchange of homegrown or homemade goods.

Tool Library

We have a library of tools to lend for your next environmental, community or DIY project.


Every month we have a page in the local paper The Raglan Chronicle.
Click the link below to read the latest edition 

Junior Enviro Club

The Whaingaroa Environment Centre runs a Junior Enviro Club at Waitetuna and Te Uku Schools, teaching students about environmental sustainability.

Maui Dolphin Conservation

The WEC is working with the community and a number of other organisations like WWF and the DoC to save Maui Dolphin’s.  With your help together we CAN save the world’s rarest dolphins.

Maui Dolphin Day

For the past 13 years the Whaingaroa Environment Centre has held Maui Dolphin Day. Run annually in conjunction with the Xtreme Zero Waste Recycled Raft Race, it is the largest community day in Raglan!

Plastic Bag Free Raglan

Our mission is to create a “Plastic Shopping Bag Free” Whaingaroa-Raglan by July 2018.

Raglan ECOllective tours. 

The Whāingaroa Environment Centre is excited to present the Raglan ECOllective tours! This is a pilot project from WEC aimed at connecting people to some of the inspiring sustainably minded people and organisations in Raglan. We will be running four tours over the next few months to trial this as a WEC project.
Contact us at for more information.

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